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Nagen Bormon, Director at St. Mathews Schools, Bangladesh

What can one learn from being a volunteer?
As a volunteer in Bangladesh you can learn how it is to live in a third world country. There are many different religious beliefs, costums, cultures and other things that you need to know to understand the real Bangladesh. So as a volunteer he/she can learn about our country and our people of Bangladesh.

How can a volunteer continue to fight poverty when he/she gets back home? We the SMS believe that quality of education is the key of eradication of poverty. About 40% of the people in Bangladesh live under the poverty line. And 70% of the students in St. Mathews School are from poor families. When the volunteer spend time with the students, they can learn how the poor families lives and fights with his/her daily life. There are big differences between Bangladesh and Denmark when it comes to poverty line. We are fighting to get our basic needs in daily life. So I think that as a volunteer she/he can take the experiences that she/he got from staying in Bangladesh and share these with other people. Hopefully this will inspire other people to do volunteer work, either in third world countries or in Denmark.
Why is it important to share your experience in a developing country when you get home to Denmark? It is very important to encourage each other by sharing culture, education system and experiences. This way we can learn from each other and understand each other better.
What value does a volunteer bring to your work?
The volunteers bring knowledge on how to be a good teacher. They teach the teachers better teaching methods and the teachers learn how to speak better English.
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