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Cookie policy

Viva collects information on all visits in compliance with the rules in force. Here you can read why we collect information and what we use it for.

WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT collect information in two ways:

  • Through using so called cookies which acts a bit like a handshake in the sense that we may recognise our last meeting, but have no way of knowing your personal details.
  • Through forms and other input methods with which a user might intentionally share their information with us.


Every time you – or more precisely your computer – visit, a cookie tells us about your visit.

The cookie tells us if your computer has been on the website before, how long each visit has been and what pages have been visited, as well as information about browser selection, screen resolution and size, etc.

The information is anonymous and collected with all other users, so we only get a statistical overview of the use of This helps us understand how we can improve our content from an editorial and technical point of view.

We also use cookies to improve the user experience, for example by avoiding to load large heavy images on small mobile devices with limited internet connection, or small optimized images for large HD screens.


When you visit your computer automatically receives one or more cookies from and third party services.

The cookie itself is a tiny file containing a very limited number of characters, which means is does not contain any personal information and is therefore anonymous. What it does contain however is a randomly generated ID number which we use to recognise your computer from visit to visit.

WHAT COOKIES DO WE USE? use the following cookies:

  • gr_boot remembers the size of your device. The value can be: “lg”, “md”, “sm” and “xs”.
  • gr_hd remembers whether or not you use a high definition or retina screen.
  • gr_cookie remembers whether or not you have accepted our cookie policy.
  • gr_history remembers which content you have read so we might guide you to fresh content.

Your computer also receives cookies from the following third party services. Visit, depending on the given page and its features:

  • Google Analytics is used to measure the overall traffic and use across the site.
    Their names are: _utma and _utmz, but may change over time.
  • Facebook is used to connect our visitors with our friends on Facebook.
    Their names are:,, and


Most Internet browsers allow you to delete cookies, block them or warn you and ask for your acceptance before a cookie is saved. Depending on which browser you use, its settings and help features provide information on how to set your browser to process cookies.

If you wish to delete all cookies from we can do it for you here: