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Time, Duration, Age

When can I travel?
We send out a team to our partners, PCMN, in the Philippines in August and January each year.

How long do I have to go?
We recommend that you stay for at least 3-4 months, but you can opt to stay for up to 12 so that you have the chance to really understand the culture and your role in the everyday life of the project.

How old should I be?
You have to be a minimum of 18 to work with us as a volunteer. Otherwise, any age is welcome. So, if you need a career break, or some fresh experience overseas, we would also love to hear from you!

Travelmate & project

If I apply with a friend, can we be placed at the same project?
If you apply together, we guarantee that you will be assigned on the same project.

Who decides which project I will be placed with, and when will I know?
Upon application, you’re invited to an informal interview with our volunteer coordinator, where you will have the chance to talk more about who you are and what type of project you could see yourself being a part of. Then we will need a couple of weeks to communicate with PCMN about their programme needs, and where you will best fit within their current projects. We try to get all the practical details in place as soon as possible and update you continuously throughout the process.

Is my placement guaranteed after I have applied?
Your application is not a guarantee that we can send you out. If you struggle with serious illness or cannot be sympathetic to the Christian faith foundation of Viva.

Personal belief, Academy, Futher questions

Do I have to be Christian to apply?
No, but you will need to demonstrate a considerable sympathy and cultural sensitivity towards the faith foundation of both Viva and PCMN. Unless you indicate that you would like to, there is no presumption that you will be involved in prompting any exclusively Christian activities.

Will Viva provide accommodation for the Impact Academy in Oxford?
Unfortunately Viva are unable to provide hotel accommodation for your stay in Oxford. We would ask that you first attempt to find a personal connection in Oxford who would be willing to host you. If this is impossible, then we will attempt to find a local and trusted friend of Viva’s to accommodate you.

Who do I contact with further questions about Impact?
If you have any other questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Impact’s UK volunteer co-ordinator, Vicki Price, at or 01865 811660. We’d be happy to hear from you!